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Brow Lift

Masculine Jaw in females Botox Masseter muscles to define and slim lower face

Frown Lines

Crows Feet

Chin Definition

Marionettes (mouth to chin lines)

Platysmal Bands (Neck)

Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Body Perfection Laser Clinic  Based at Gypsy Lane Willenhall.

We specialise in minimally invasive, non surgical, aesthetic laser treatments for men and women.

All of our treatments are administered by highly qualified and fully insured male and female practitioners.

Tattoo Removal
Using the latest ND YAG Q-Switched lasers we can safely remove most tattoos and permanent make up from a variety of skin types.

IPL Hair Removal

Our IPL laser hair removal system offers safe and long term removal of unwanted hair virtually pain free. We treat all skin types for both males and females on most areas of the body or face.

Correction of wrinkles – half face

Skin Rejuvenation (Body & Face)
This minimally invasive procedure is a very cost effective way to to reverse the signs of sun damage to your skin and keep yourself looking fresher and younger.

Acne Clearance
Our IPL laser light targets the bacteria in the skin and with successive treatments the rate of acne destruction can become greater than the growth of bacteria leading to a reduction of inflamed legions and preventing further traumatic scarring.

Pigmentation Therapy
Pigmentation Therapy is a treatment of the skin that has an uneven skin tone due to age, spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. This treatment fades and removes excess pigmentation, restructuring the skin to an even clearer tone.

Thread Vein Removal
Thread veins, also known as telangiectasia or spider veins, occur when capillaries (the smallest of blood vessels) become permanently dilated and rupture, spreading blood to other capillaries and leaving a fine red or blue tree-like appearance just under the skin.
Wrinkle reduction therapy is a treatment of the skin to give maximum collagen boost to push out the deepest lying wrinkles. Treatment is pain free and quick.

Skin Tightening
Our machine tightens, smooth’s and re-contours your skin from the inside out, rejuvenating firmness and texture. This painless non surgical procedure can treat acne scarring, wrinkles, pores and tighten loose skin areas.

3D Body Ice Sculpting
Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening and Cryoloposis Fat Freeze in one treatment. This is the ULTIMATE procedure for those who desire the perfect bikini body without surgery!
Body Care. Ultrasound Cavitation Body Contouring Treatment. Anti Cellulite

Ultrasonic Cavitation
Ultrasound Cavitation is a painless non invasive, non surgical fat loss procedure ideal for thighs, flanks, abdomen, buttocks, under arms.

Cryolopolysis Fat Freeze
Cryolopoysis is a non invasive treatment used to reduce unwanted fat by using subzero temperatures to kill the fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue and nerves.

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